Monday, 3 August 2009

Rainy day.

After 2 days of sun. Back to rain.

So depressing.

Fairly quiet weekend. I cooked cream stew for Saturday night. But Okaasan didn't come back till 7.45 pm, by which time we'd eaten and washed up. So Yujiro served her what we'd saved and left her to eat alone.

I feel sad really that we have this system. It doesn't seem so friendly. But on the other hand, if we waited for her to show up before we had dinner, or sat with her while she ate her dinner - WE'D never have an evening of our life at all.
She doesn't need to come home so late - we keep telling her dinner is at 7 pm. But of course she only remembers that AT 7 pm...and by the time she leaves downtown and gets here it is way past 7 pm.

Sunday was just rain. I went to the gym to pump muscles (or flab) and swim, Yujiro crammed his computer studies (latest idea to upgrade his job skills) and Okaasan watched TV.
We did have plans to take her to the beer festival that is in the city park at the moment. But absolutely no fun at all in the rain. So, stayed home and did very little instead.

My students have an image of me as a very active person: yesterday I actually went to bed in the afternoon with the newspaper and a book....and I watched ice skaters on TV. A really high-octane Sunday!

We ordered KFC in the evening, which we ate with sauteed veggies and soup. We're lucky actually - Okaasan likes this kind of junk food. She sat there waving a bit of chicken at us while she meandered down memory lane about the history of KFC in Japan...all good greasy fun.
Gym and KFC on the same day. Terrible health routine!

I go off to the UK on Wednesday. I've booked my taxi meet at Heathrow and worked out train times. Alerted Dad to meet me. Time to switch lives again. I guess in years to come I'll look back at this year and smile....i
t's all a lot of life.

Dad sent me a card with a cat picture on it last week and the message: "Anyone can cope with a crisis, it takes a genius to cope with everyday life."

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