Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back to being a mean bitch.

Well, that didn't last long.

One week of being gentle and sad.

And today I blew it with Okaasan. WHY do I behave like this?????

I was happily outside the front door on my last major area of weeding - having spent 3 days bringing the garden back from the jungle brink.
Okaasan wandered out and spotted the past-it hydrangeas that were just to my right.
She started chatting about how they should be cut back otherwise they won't flower next year.
I said I'd got behind on it all cos I'd been in England etc...but I was getting round to it all now.

She disappeared back inside the house.
I grabbed the cutters and deadheaded the hydrangeas in about 20 seconds flat.
She emerged from the house 1 minute later with scissors.
"Oh! I've done it!" I cheerfully told her.

Poor old lady. She looked a bit stunned and disappeared back inside: "Oh...that's why I went to get scissors...."

Isn't that mean and petty of me? WHY did I have to do it? Why couldn't I let her have a little cut away herself? She has a thing about hydrangeas cos there was a bush outside her old's probably the one bit of gardening she DOES know about.
And I swept the chance away from her.

I am mean, horrible woman. Am I so territorial about the garden I won't let her cut off some dead flower heads?

I hate myself.
I will try extra hard to be nice. Because I feel guilty.

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  1. I was extra good at dinner...I listened...nay...ENCOURAGED...stories about the war and flowers etc etc....

    Guilt is a wonderful thing.