Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Daikon and Tomatoes

Okaasan and I are getting into full autumn activity.

On the first floor Okaasan is testing the dried daikon raddish, slicing it, adding soy sauce and then making a mountain of plates to weigh it all down and press it into action. Poor lady - she doesn't have the essentials for making pickles etc and so she is having to make do. When her son swept her away from her home in Saitama last year she had to leave behind the things every good Japanese kitchen queen has for pickling and drying vegetables.

On the second floor Oyome-san is laying down about 50 green tomatoes in cardboard boxes with layers of newspaper and ripening bananas and apples...and a lot of hope. Will this actually work, or will I just have boxes of smelly, rotting tomatoes?

Oh and the man of the house? He is out photographing Sapporo for the city records.
But last night was a little celebration: he came home from a job interview pretty sure he'd got it: it being a computer instructor job starting in December, something about teaching NPO staff computer skills.
His face was so happy...someone who has just got job news - it's a special sight.

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