Sunday, 4 October 2009

Family stuff...

Quiet day at home - I have no classes starting next week and needed to prep for them.

I got to the gym in the morning and had my 3 months since joining assessment.
Weight up (61.3kg)...but down since I returned from England (63.7).
Muscle power up...a bit.
Left leg a little stronger.
Considering all I've been through in the past 3 months I think that's ok. I couldn't climb to the 3rd floor training room for the first 5 weeks and only went to the pool on the ground floor.
And the main thing all along was major stress relief anyway - just getting my body to do something was the big target in July - because hobbling around was doing my head in. I am still hobbling on a stick - but the pain is less and my attitude is WAY better.

Quiet afternoon. We had a quick lunch outside on the front steps - maybe the last time this year?

Okaasan set OUT for a walk at 6 pm...why does she do this? It is so strange. It is already dark and cold by then. She fiddles around watching Tv and staring at bits of paper all day - why does she finally get out at 6 pm?

We started eating dinner at 7.10 pm. She rolled home at 7.30 pm and I'm afraid I rather testily asked her WHY she went out so late...she says because the weather was bad....hmm...yeah right.
Yujiro says it's because it takes her at least an hour to find the clothes, bag, shoes, umbrella etc....

Anyway - tomorrow HE is doing major Okaasan duty - taking her to a new Hula Dance class...which is one of the department stores in town right above a subway station. It would be easy for her in winter, but maybe doesn't have a nice, big hot public bath.
This old lady is so lucky in life to have this son doing all this stuff for her.
And the older brother is SO lucky to escape it all.
And I? I am lucky me man isn't working so much so he does 90% of the cooking...
and the cat is just lucky to be alive.

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