Sunday, 11 October 2009

Goodbye Bob-chan

Tonight at 7 pm our Bob neko-chan died quietly in our arms at the vets.
We finally took the hard decision and we both cried and the vet and the assistants were so kind to us.
We stroked him and held him as the vet injected him and then brought him home - stopping off briefly at Hiroko's,  as she has known him even longer than I.
And now Bob-chan is on the blanket by the window on top of the sidecupboard we got from Tomoko when we moved - all snug in an ICI sports blanket.
Tomorrow I'll bury him in the garden here where he liked to sit in the sunshine and yowl at the local strays.

Bob cat was born in Nakajima Park 17 or more years ago. He was picked up by a Canadian man, then he lived with Sonja, an American EC Eikaiwa teacher in Kotoni...then he lived with Joanne, a South African IAY teacher just off Ishiyama Dori. Then he lived with Joanne near Nakajima Park again...then he came to live with me about 12 years ago...
He was a well travelled cat. He'd been to Obihiro to stay in an apartment while we skied in Tomamu, he'd been to an apartment in Naka-Furano on another ski trip, he'd been to a BBQ by the Toyohira River, he'd been to visit Hiroko in her cancer clinic a few years ago.
He was a fighter, and funny and brave. He liked dried salmon and squid. He liked KFC and anything in a plastic bag. He was very noisy at 4 am in the summer. He walked across Yujiro's face on his way to sleep on my side of the bed in winter.

We will miss him so so much.
Goodnight Bob-chan.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about bob-chan, reading the story made me cry as I have had to do the same thing for my lovely bull terrier a few years ago. It's a really hard thing to do, but hopefully bob-chan is at rest in a pain-free place now. :) I'm really sorry for your loss.