Friday, 23 October 2009

Mother and Son bonding time

Off they went this morning - to a department store food festival!

This old lady is so, so lucky.
She may have to put up with a foreign Oyome-san who speaks in riddles and doesn't hang laundry stylishly...but her son - oh her son! - HE has the kind of part time work where he can take you downtown on a Friday morning and explore the Osaka Food Festival at Tokyu Store!

Happiness for an old Japanese lady.
(and maybe the son is happy to because mum buys all sorts of goodies for him....)

They used to live in Osaka when Yujiro was at elementary school - so it was a real trip down memory lane, they ate all sorts of foods and came home with sesame chicken wings for dinner.

I was working...and a little disappointed today in my knee which is feeling tingly again today.
Yesterday it felt so great. Well, it didn't actually "feel" anything - which IS great itself. I went downtown to meet an old student for dinner. I sat in a bar and felt normal. I got on the subway etc. These past few days I even risked not using my stick and walking short distances...

Obviously shouldn't have.
I think it's time to check with the insurance company whether they'll pay for the knee injections.
6 weeks from now Sapporo will start getting icy at night and I MUST be stronger on my knee by then.

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