Saturday, 3 October 2009

Season of change...

All taking a new direction and home life too.

Yujiro went to a meeting yesterday about his job the photographing city buildings - so we talked about HOW Okaasan will manage for lunch from now on. He's been cooking for her almost every day since she came 11 months ago.

My idea is that we'll use a small whiteboard and each day he'll write a list of food suggestions on it. We leave the board on the kitchen table, so when she walks into the kitchen around middday thinking of food she can easily understand what is in the fridge/on the cooker...

If we tell her in the morning: We're out, help yourself - she'll forget quickly and by middday be wondering where we are and what to eat. BUT if there is a whiteboard list on the kitchen table MAYBE she'll follow it up and eat more than endless yogurts and instant noodles.

I bought the whiteboard and pens yesterday...and just as well, when we both came home at the end of the day we  discovered that Okaasan had eaten...4 yogurts! Even though there was rice, miso soup, cabbage and pork...

So...we'll see if the whiteboard list idea works.

The weather was bad yesterday. Okaasan basically watched TV and slept all day. When Yujiro came home late afternoon she said to him: Is it morning? and didn't want any dinner.
You can see how easily old people get confused and don't bother to eat. She is  so, so lucky to be living with us and having some kind of structure to life.

BLOG thoughts: I'm thinking about finishing this blog in November or December. I started it when Okaasan came to live here and I think maybe it has run its' course. The novel is now the routine, the interesting is now not-so-interesting... maybe this should be First Year as an Oyomesan.
Not sure yet...but maybe I'll finish it end of this year...or only do occasional updates.

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