Sunday, 4 October 2009

Teeth Tantrum.

Okaasan's teeth are still painful - and now she has a bee in her bonnet that the dentist she's been seeing is no good.

At dinner last night (arrival 20 minutes late, we were half finished) she was in obvious pain eating spagetti and salad.

She says the dentist near the station was trying to use a local anaesthetic when trying to descale her teeth - which to her way of thinking is bad. So of course: this dentist is bad, I should go back to Tokyo and see a dentist there.

So that was dinner conversation...we saying that Sapporo is the 5th biggest city in Japan, there are plenty of good dentists here, we'll look for a different dentist for her...Okaasan saying: she tried to use anaesthetic, I don't need that, she is a bad dentist...etc etc etc....

I'll ask around and find another dentist. Maybe this dentist near our local station IS bad...but I doubt it. Okaasan has so many set ideas about how things are done. I expect the scale on her teeth is bad and the dentist thought it best. I expect this is an old person's: I'm A Tough Person I Don't Need Painkillers thinking.


Oh...and I just had a lesson in How to Hang Laundry.
Yesterday Yujiro had a lesson in How to Put Vegetables in the Pickling Pot.
He was a more grateful student than I. I'm beyond teaching. I've been hanging laundry badly for so many years now I am past saving.

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  1. Oh boy, I wouldn't mind a shot of drugs at the dentist, I guess I'm a weakling though. I like the whole idea of pain relief.