Friday, 20 November 2009

Step-mum heading home!

Just a quick posting.

My step-mum is going to be sent home from hospital NEXT WEEK!

Of course she'll have round-the-clock care with a live-in carer - because there are many things she can't do for herself and it will be a hard process for her to be out of hospital - but FINALLY she can be in her own space. And I guess that finally too she can do the real grieving for her husband, because once she is in their home surrounded by all their memories and things - I think his death will be a big reality for her.

And I just booked an airticket for England. January 1 to 9...surprisingly JAL had the best deal....because I have to fly down to Tokyo first, so the Japanese airlines can do the domestic leg cheapest.

Back to work.


  1. Thats great news about your step mum and the new year flight, I'm sure JAL will be overjoyed to have you too!

  2. I slightly worry about JAL going bankrupt on the last day of 2009...December 31...and then on January 1 there will BE no plane!