Monday, 7 December 2009 stealth.

We got in to Okaasan's room and cleaned yesterday!
With her and without her...carefully.
After lunch we started vacumning the kitchen - which is next to her room - and then it was a natural progression to open her door and invite ourselves in.
Actually a good idea for both of us at the same time - because while one was asking her whether she really needed two months of newspapers and supermarket flyers - the other was stealthily across the room exploring plastic bags and their contents (rotting food, tissues, sweet papers, dead flowers, old biscuits, shop receipts).
Moving around the room with the vacumn cleaner was a good excuse to get her to pick stuff up and look at it - and maybe decide to throw it out.

And later, when she set off for a walk, we rushed downstairs together and moved the whole hot carpet round 90 degrees so the switches are near the door. Usually they are under her pillow and at night we can't get to them. She doesn't remember about switching on the carpet of course. Now at least, if we can quietly open the door while she is sleeping...we can switch on the carpet.

Oh...and I went back to some of the bags and clothes boxes I'd noticed earlier on and took out THIRTY pairs of pants...and washed them in the washing machine. Not sure how I'll get them back into her room - if I give them to her directly she'll know I've washed them...maybe a few at a time...

*   and I am a good Oyomesan. I've bought her a CHristmas present....a ticket for her and I to go to a Christmas music concert...I AM a good woman.....Christmas cheer and all that!!

Anyway. Good feeling. We cleaned it all up a bit.

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