Saturday, 19 December 2009

Japanese Conversation Classes

So...taught five classes yesterday - came home and did another at the dinner table.
Five in English and one in Japanese.
That REALLY helps the digestion!

Dinner with Okaasan feels like work. Thinking where to guide the conversation next, thinking what words to use - concentrating on meaning. Being genki (lively and friendly).

She's fine. Anyway, seems so. I can feel Yujiro and I lobbing the Conversation Balls over the table at her: tofu, monks, tofu sellers a long time ago, post-war food shortages, wartime schooling,  working on a farm....until finally we can make our excuses and go upstairs to OUR life...a can of  beer, boxing on TV, emails, Christmas present wrapping.

I expect it will all get easier as we get more practiced - and I certainly appreciate him making the efforts now with Okaasan. He was always correcting her and explaining things, which didn't give HER the chance to chatter on about stuff she knows.

But still. It feels like an extra class at the end of the day.

and the turkey and oven drama?
Well, here is the puzzle...

It won't fit, will it?!!!! Size does matter.....

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