Thursday, 24 December 2009

Super Woman!

Moved the chair inside.
Fed the Okaasan.
Grabbed 2 hours of Sex and the City.
Took Okaasan to concert.
Took Okaasan to restaurant.

No time to save the world too.

The chair.....10 cm too big for the entrance hall door frame.

So....round the back of the house, over the fence, in the snow....

Chair all trussed up and ready to fly. Santa Eat Your Heart Out!

YES! Did IT! I am Super Woman!

Thru the window....
Happiness to get the chair inside made even better by the feeling that after months and months of being unable to do anything much physically - I CAN! I CAN!

and then I popped downstairs and cooked lunch for Okaasan, and sat and chatted to her.
And then 2 hours to myself.
And then concert.

   The concert was ok - not great - too much gloomy organ playing and not enough joyous singing. Sitting looking at the back of a musician while he sits and fiddles with a keyboard and pedals does not make for great entertainment.
   But finally the local college choir came on with a soprano in a big pink dress - and sang Silent Night in German and other Christmassy songs.
   Okaasan seemed to enjoy it all - she told me about 20 times about a pipe organ in a department store in Tokyo, and I managed to get her to the toilet in time (I think!)...we looked at the Christmas trees outside the concert hall, we looked at the ladies in was all ok.
   Yujiro picked us up afterwards and we all had dinner at a local izakiya - Okaasan drinking sake and getting a bit tipsy....

  I came home and finally had a beer.
  So glad I got the chair inside. Relieved I did the day with Okaasan. She didn't bite. Now I have one more day of work - and THEN CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

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  1. Go GO! Super Oyome san to the rescue, after that day the turkey will be a breeze!