Friday, 25 December 2009

"Thankyou Oyomesan! Christmas Shock!

Sitting here at 3 am on Christmas Morning to record a warm, fuzzy fact:

Okaasan said "Thankyou for taking me to the Christmas music concert".

I've got all sorts of reassuringly, squishy, rattling, silent packages behind me to open later this morning thanks to friends and students....but "Thankyou" from Okaasan is a pretty good Christmas present.

Last night I'd just come home from the last class of 2009 at my English school and staggered into the kitchen for dinner - and she came out of her room all smiley and said it.

After all the shit - (can we use that word on Christmas Day?) - it was right up there on the Warm Fuzzy Christmas Events schedule. Amazing!
Maybe Yujiro primed her into saying it, maybe she got a visit from the Angel Gabriel who told her to show some lurve, maybe...whatever.
It was GREAT!

As such it deserves a Blog all of its own.

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  1. I`m so glad that she enjoyed the concert and said thank you!!!!! You are doing an amazing job looking after her and I am in awe of you. I`m glad she appreciates you...even if she may forget it soon, you will always remember. Merry Christmas!