Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Yes - I can. No - she can't.

I just walked to the supermarket!
And back!
And I'm still standing.
It all took about 20 minutes.

That was the first time since May to walk from the house, down the street to the subway station and its shops. It's a big step for Oyomesan kind.

It made up for staying in my pajamas until 2 pm.....

I stayed away from Okaasan. I sat upstairs eating Stollen Cake. Around 1 pm I could hear her in the kitchen. Trying to cook lunch. 

I stayed upstairs quietly and tried to guess from the sounds what she was doing, or trying to do. And failing. Switching on and off the microwave. Switching on and off the electric oven. Taking stuff out of the fridge and cupboards and putting it back again.
Yes. I'm a cruel Oyomesan.
I want to know what she can or can't do.

The answer is: she can't prepare even a simple lunch for herself. 

Finally at 2 pm I put on my fleece jacket and slung my handbag over my shoulder, held my housekeys in hand. Crept downstairs and opened the kitchen door as if I was just returning from outside. Did a cheery greeting. Okaasan was happy to see me.

She was still trying to use the microwave and trying to out the nabepot on the electric cooker. Which wasn't switched on. 
She'd managed to make a cup of instant soup.

I quickly heated up some of last night's nabe and gave it to her as she sat in front of the TV. So at least she had some warm food during the day.

But this isn't good.

We have to lay out the kitchen and food in it so she can get better food than just instant soup! She really is reduced to basics - she can't use the kitchen equipment. There are two packs of tofu in the fridge - she didn't open either of them

She just doesn't have the mental capacity to take a saucepan out of the cupboard and pour the stew in it, switch on the oven from OFF mode and then heat up pre-cooked food.

I'm not going to have to cook and sit with her every day. Am I?

When Yujiro comes back from skiing there'll be some serious conversation here....

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