Thursday, 28 January 2010

Missing out.

Ho ho ho...Okaasan missed out last night on an awesome dinner!
Fresh, juicy, huge - crab legs! Just look how big they are!

I did a video narration job (how land near Cape Erimo was devastated by one generation of government policy and re-greened by the next) and as it was a quasi-government job the pay for the work was outrageous (government gravy train still chugging along it seems) and I went straight from the recording studio to the fish market and bought GI-NORMOUS, fresh crab legs.

Yujiro finished tax/computer work. We came home together. Okaasan came home shortly after.
I started cooking up a feast of crab legs, crab soup, potato and cabbage, rice....

and then Okaasan popped her head out of her room and said:"Ahh, no dinner for me. I walked to the subway station and had a coffee, and as it was cold I had something to eat as well!"

What?? It's crab! Your favorite! My favorite! Tonight is a special dinner because I got paid well for a job! No dinner?????!!!!

But no dinner. She'd just eaten something out....

So. Great actually. Yujiro and I got to sit across the table from eachother and munch our way through a pile of crab legs and chat with eachother. Okaasan sat in her room loooking at TV. She wandered thru later and looked at the mound of shells and made herself a cup of tea.
I saved two of the legs - Yujiro can cook them somehow for her tonight's dinner while I'm out with a friend for her birthday meal.

But ho ho ho....Okaasan missed out on a delicious family feast. Just shows you - you shouldn't waste money eating stuff out because you just don't know what wonders may be prepared for you at home by a dear, dear Oyomesan!

* I know I am not meant to enter THE ROOM and steal stuff. But the piles of old newspapers and supermarket fliers are getting hill-like...and the clothes on the sofa have strata of years...and there is some damp underwear still in a bowl waiting to be hung up to's been there since Monday....I moved it from the bathroom into Okaasan's room...and then from the doorway next to the clothes hanger. But she isn't noticing it yet.
Should I directly suggest to her that she hang the clothes up? Should I just leave it and let the mold grow?


  1. Holy shit. Please tell me you have very very small hands as that crab leg is crazy big. I'm not good with long legged things - although that does look prety tastey!! Lucky okaaaasan had eater already I say.

  2. hands are pretty normal size!
    Just the crabs up here are HUGE!!!!!!!!!

    I bought two crab leg sections...that is 4 legs each section...and it cost me Y7, a bit of a discount for pouting thoughtfully when he gave me the first price...