Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Neko thoughts...

Neko...neko...neko....that's basically all I have on my mind at the moment. With occasional brain power on work, man and Okaasan.

Man wasn't so keen on TWO I sadly wrote to the animal charity in Tokyo and said I didn't think we could offer Jack and Kaede a home. I feel a bit guilty. But I hope there will be someone in a big city like Tokyo who can help them.

I called into another vets and left my name and number - and has a wonderful paws-on-chest encounter with one of the many cats that lives there...I think it's a Cat Home with a vets table attached. Not so hygienic.

And then...I stopped off at a Seicomart on Monday. Bought some water and stood by the cash machine gulping it down. Lowered my head and there it was: a poster with pictures of a handsome black and white NEKO!!!
Two months old, a boy, rolling around on a mat with a laundry basket in the background.

I just called the number. I'm going to go and meet him on Monday. Actually I think he may have a brother or sister too.....two....



  1. Sounds like fate. Tis meant to be. Written in the stars. Saw it in the tealeaves...

    Just the one though aye!