Thursday, 4 February 2010

Bad luck OUT! Good luck (kittens) IN!

Well - we are surviving. 
They are surviving. We are surviving.
Okaasan hasn't asked why there are strange bumps and running sounds and cries from her living room ...yet. This could push her over the edge!

"They" have names too. I was thinking Mame and Maki - which celebrates the Bean Throwing festival yesterday - but Yujiro somehow thought of Chichi and Popo - these were wolf brothers in a famous cartoon when he was a child (so long ago the You Tube clips he showed me are in black and white!)

So - I will be standing in the garden until I am 60 plus shouting "Chichi" and "Popo"...oh no....but I feel I should let him have some kind of input into the  arrival of these kittens in our life. So naming rights go to him.

Yesterday was my day off. I stayed home with the kittens, my accountant and a quick lunch visit out to see old students downtown. Then back to cook clam chowder and play with kittens again...and again.
They have huge bursts of energy, and then sleep. At the moment they are contained in our living room. But I think they are beginning to know there is ANOTHER worls beyond the door...and getting curious. And I'm not sure my houseplants will survive this encounter...or the goldfish! (see pic).

Bean Throwing Festival yesterday. Out with winter and In with spring long ago. But MINUS 14 here at 7 am....
I bought beans and sushi roll and at dinner I mock-presented the beans to Okaasan and we got her to lead us out into the hallway - I opened the front door quickly and she scattered the beans outside saying: "Demons out! Happiness in!"...of course in Japanese.

We all laughed and then hurried back into the kitchen to stand and eat the sushi rolls facing south-south-west...and then to sit down an eat more-warming chowder which was delicious.
Okaasan looked a bit wild and wooly in her pajamas for the second day, but she seemed happy enough. Far too cold for her to go out.

We had a lot of bad luck demons in this house last let's hope the good luck comes flowing in for 2010. Chichi and Popo have a BIG responsibility!


  1. That is a BRILLIANT photo!! I am sure you are having a lot of fun and the goldfish are nerrrrrvous.

  2. Thats a great pic! Poor fishies.