Friday, 12 February 2010

Couple time...before....

Cheese! Cheese! Meat! Chocolate!

Diet? What diet?

Yesterday was Japan's Founding Day or something, so the second of a rare 2 days off. I'd spent Day 1 doing all sorts of essentials. Day 2 was for Pure Pleasure.
We slipped downdown to the Hotel Mercure and had coupletime with a vast, French buffet lunch - help yourself to as much cheese, olives, salami, peppered beef, bread, salads etc etc...topped off with chocolate fondue and a bottle of wine.
Brought back memories of a simpler time when he had enough money to go skiing in Europe for a month and I'd fly out for a week's holiday - when we could ski and eat cheese/olives/salami. It was good to sit across a table from eachother and talk.
Anyway. Nice lunch. We reeled home about 2 pm and went to bed with kittens bouncing on and off the futons.

Had to sit with Okaasan in the evening at dinner though, we managed to push a few bits of nabe stew round our plates while she ate a proper dinner. She didn't notice that we weren't actually eating anything.

She's already forgotten that we enjoyed the HongKongese singing group in the Snow Festival, she said several times that she's gone to look for singers on stage in the festival. But when we talked about the HK group she looked blank...sad...because we stood there for about 15 minutes with her enjoying the singing and talking about it.
On the hand - she DID remember that Nishikata-san had come to dinner and that she'd come to Sapporo with her mother.

Okaasan's memory is patchy. I guess the HK singers were a passive experience - just some people at a distance singing. Nichikata-san was here in the kitchen talking directly about her mother.

Anyway. Back to normality today. Yujiro's gone off to the tax job today and then tonight he drives to Niseko to work for two days with HongKongese skiers who are here for Chinese New Year.
Okaasan and Oyomesan...and kittens...will be Home for the Weekend Together.

Cue random Cute Kitten Picture!

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  1. How cute is that pic ! Did they really go to sleep with their 'arms round each other' ?

    Your buffet lunch sounds nice. We have a french rest about an hour away that we have been to for two anniversaries. Might have to get Granny K to look after Ryu on the Saturday around that time of year so we can go again - bit of bummer though as means no wine for me - usually.

    Hope the hubless weekend is OK :(