Tuesday, 2 February 2010

It's gonna be twins!

We're gonna go for TWO cats.
Came home last night to discuss with Yujiro....while I ate a late bowl of dinner he made me wait to start chatting while he fiddled around on the computer.
Finally: "Ok! This will be your birthday present! I got it!"
"It" was a cat, climbing gym - a vast thing of towers and scratching posts!

He'd accepted the inevitable.
I called Satomi who sounded SO happy to get rid of two of them (what ARE they doing to her apartment I wonder??!!) and she said she'll meet me back outside the Seicomart this afternoon. And she'll bring the spray to stop them peeing everywhere. Oh no....
Oh my God. Two kittens!
I haven't had kittens actually since I was a teenager, when I guess my mother actually was in charge of their care and training.
Oh gosh. Two.

Ok? Names anyone? Tomorrow is Setsubun in Japan - a welcome-spring bean throwing festival...some students suggested "Mame" and "Bean", or "Azuki" and "Soy"....

I'm nervous. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? (more than THEY can chew?) I keep thinking ahead to my schedule this week of work and Snow Festival guests for Couch Surfing...they'll have to be some adjustments for 2 noisy babies.


  1. Happy happy! I'm looking forward to lots of cat posts! We are all allergic so I have to enjoy them vicariously.

    I think two will be AWFUL while they are still little (but probably very amusing!) but once they mellow out will be very nice for the cats and you too.

    Just think of all the post fodder their "crimes" will provide....

    Names - how about "Mame" and "Maki"? (Or "Oni" and "Fuku"?!)

  2. Oooh, Azuki and Soy are cute names. Better than Chaos and Mayhem at least. Good Luck!!