Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Oh my....neko...neko...!!!

Here they are - running riot all over the living room this evening.
Never still long enough for me to get a cute picture!

I met Satomi in the Seicomart carpark - we stuffed crying kittens out of her pet carrier and into mine. She gave me some spray to encourage peeing in the right places, two cans of kitten food and some dried munchies.
And off the boys and I went home. They miaowed at me for most of the way , furious little white paws poking through the pet carrier bars.
And then we got home. I switched off the car engine and they went very very silent. Stayed silent all the way inside...but came out of the carrier cautiously 10 minutes after it was open. Flitted around the living room like little spirits and finally retreated to safety on the big cushion behind the sofa.
There  they stayed until Yujiro came home and at the sound of our voices they came out and played. Then slept again. Then came out to eat some food and find the toilet box. 
And explore!
They seem fine. I am a little tired and anxious. But they are fine. One has a white stripe on his back and he is braver. His brother has a white spot, and he is shyer.

What will happen tonight? Will they cry? Will Okaasan hear them downstairs and think the Setsubun monsters have arrived? She doesn't know anything about them yet. What happens upstairs in our apartment is another world.....

Oh wow. Two cats. I'm mad. But happy. I think!

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