Friday, 26 February 2010

Operation Hair Salon

Operation Hair Salon is in motion.

Yesterday after NHK work I walked along in front of Mitsukoshi looking for a hair salon "in front of Mitsukoshi". Nothing. Zilch.
Of course Okaasan may have mixed up/forgotten what the woman in the Hula dance class had said.
It might be Marui Imai, it might by might be Lafila...or anywhere else in a city center of department stores.

Then I hit pay dirt. Opposite Mitsukoshi is....PARCO! (which once brought joy to English speakers in the city by having a "Golden Shower!!" sales campaign plastered all over the side of the building in building-sized letters). 
But I digress.
On the 3rd floor of PARCO I found...a hair salon! Looked nice enough...although a bit "young", I'm not sure this is the kind of place Okaasan will like to go.
But I grabbed lots of leaflets and headed out.

At  dinner last night I presented Okaasan with the leaflets and told her, repeatedly, where it is. She was pleased and thanked me etc...and we all discussed it several times. Yujiro gave her money for the salon and she is probably going to go and look today....maybe....

Of course. The logical thing to do would be to take the leaflets next Monday to Hula class and say to the woman: "is this the place you mean?"...but I'm not sure Okaasan has the organisation and memory capabilities to plan and execute that strategy.
Hence me trying to help her a bit.

I am such a wonderful Oyomesan. I amaze myself.

Have to cook dinner tonight though and eat it a-deux. Yujiro's off at a tax office job end party...and there's a danger he might be out tomorrow night too at ANOTHER tax office job end party....I wasn't too happy to hear I may have two dinners-a-deux in a row....hmmmm....

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