Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Who will play me in the movie?

Kittens ok - maybe ate green pepper leaves. Now bouncy again. Currently sleeping.
Okaasan ok - chatty about the Olympics, hairdressers, food...even GAVE me chocolate!
Yujiro ok - gone to tax office job.

Oyomesan....time to idly wonder....WHO will play me in the movie when this blog leaps from the computer screen to the cinema screen?

A popular cartoon book called "My Darling is a Foreigner" is about to become a movie.
Artist Saori Oguri's 2002 hit book about life with American, journalist husband Tony Laszlo tapped into that endless Japanese fascination with international relationships and managed to hold up the mirror to Japanese life at the same time.

I picked up a flyer for the movie the other day: of course macho hairy Tony Laszlo (who incidently writes about multi-culturalisation in Japan) is played by a gentler, less-macho, less-hairy actor called Jonathan Sherr.
The book and the movie are aimed at Japanese women - and the dream foreign man is a boyish, gentle person...not the opinionated, loud gaijin of reality.

So. When Okaasan and Me becomes a movie. Who will play me?
Hmmm...Ingrid Bergman is dead. So I'll go for Julia Ormond...she was in the remake of Sabrina with Harrison Ford, and in Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt.
In my dreams I look like THIS!

Of course in reality...slumping around in my dressing gown, whch smells suspiciously of kitten food...


  1. PHEW! So glad the kittens are OK!!

    And the real you is much better than any fantasy version, kitten food and all!

  2. Having just read through the entire backlog of posts on your blog over the last week or so, I was wondering if you would ever think of publishing this blog as a book, because it's just so inspiring.

    I'm not sure I could sit through it as a movie though! I've actually been through something similar with my granfather when he used to live with us. He used to do the walkabout thing as well. About 4pm his eyes would suddenly glaze over and he would be off out the door, not to return until about 10pm or even later, or sometimes the police would bring him back. He never knew where he had been or what he had been doing. It was awful and we were all so worried! It was terrible for my mum because she had to go to work and I had to go to school and we didn't have any way of knowing what was going to happen that day.

    Reading your blog has just brought back all the memories of those days and what it was like.

  3. Ooh, will watch that when it comes out. Doubt one of foreign woman married to Japanese husband would come out though - not aimed at Japanese public. Would be far too many swear words and bleeps. But I like who you'd be played by if it did :)

    Glad the cats are all better - and that okaasan is keeping your greenery safe.