Tuesday, 9 March 2010

And THIS is the kitchen...

She didn't remember.
I think.
I did the morning greetings and so on - and she seemed friendly enough.
The evidence in the kitchen looked like she'd eaten the remains of the pork/veggies and some yogurt and rice crackers. She won't starve. But it's not the nutrition side that worries me - it's her mental happiness.
Unhappy Okaasan is Angry at Oyomesan Okaasan. Very bad. Don't want to get back to THAT!

So I got ready for my day.
Then just before I left I called her into the kitchen and explained clearly that I was out all day. Today was her hula dance class. Yujiro would be back later. So here was the rice, the tofu, the soup, the pickles...I walked her round the kitchen and showed it all to her.
She followed me and thanked me for taking the trouble etc.
This is one of the hardest things as Oyomesan - telling an adult how to do things. In English it would be hard enough - to be respectful, but at the same time making sure they are understanding and not being patronising.
And I am doing it in my ropey old Japanese.

And then I left for a Killer Monday. Out of the house for 12 hours. 7 hours of classroom time, lots of driving. Sandwich lunch in the car near a suburban park. Dinner after 9 pm. Tired....

Yujiro came home mid-afternoon. Thanked me etc. Helped with various things. I think he feels the guilt. Two weekends and a Wednesday of his ski life was too much.

And his leg: the doctors are happy. He is booked in April 13 to have the pins taken out in an operation. Will probably stay in hospital for a few days (oh Oyomesan joy!).

And Adam Lambert? No news. I guess that means no tickets.

And my photo in the exhibition in Tokyo about Foreign Wives? I got a letter from the photographer. She couldn't use my picture in the enxhibition. Thankgoodness I didn't bother to get an airticket and fly down to the show!

Onwards into another day. Sometimes life just feels it is grinding on.

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