Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hula, hula....when?

Okaasan is continuing to wrestle with the hula schedule.
"I asked one of the  women at the hula class, and she said it's every Monday!" Okaasan told Yujiro yesterday..."did you know that?"

Then today: "Do you know, my hula class is every week!....on Wednesdays. What day is today?"

Yujiro seems to be having Alice-in-Wonderland conversations with Okaasan about this topic.
Funny though it is - we also remember that the doctor last year told us that loss of memory and confusion about dates and times is another stage in dementia....and for whatever reason Okaasan seems to be into that at the moment.

She seems ok apart from that, fairly upbeat and doing usual greetings and chat. Came home yesterday with a bunch of Japanese foods: pickled fish, fish in soy sauce, little mushrooms etc. We were out today seeing a movie and eating lunch - Yujiro left her a note about lunch on the kitchen table and  left all the food ready to eat. Rice to heat up. Instant soup to make.
We came around 2 pm and she'd managed it all.

But the hula schedule...just keeps slip sliding away...

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