Saturday, 20 March 2010

Operation Buttons

Had a brainwave Friday.
The buttons on my coat are hanging by threads - so I cut one of them off completely and came home into the kitchen complaining about it.
Next morning I took the coat and errant button into Okaasan's room and did the helpless routine, asked her to help...and gave her the coat of hanging buttons to sew.
I thought it would be a good Okaasan project. Sewing seemed to have such a great effect on her before.
Unfortunately she didn't have the right kind of thread to do the job so she said she'd get some "when  I go shopping in Sapporo". She always has this idea that we don't actually live IN Sapporo - although our subway station is 9 minutes from downtown.

Anyway. I hope Operation Button is a success.

She went downtown yesterday, and talked about the sewing shop...but hadn't got the thread or done the buttons by last night. She'd also been on another underwear shopping spree and had asked for money for that...and came home seemingly very tired.
It doesn't matter how long she takes with the coat because I have another I can wear. But I hope the coat emerges from her room reasonably soon!

* The hula dance confusions continue: "Do you know they are holding the class every Monday now? Why did they change it?" she asked Yujiro.

But. It is so strange. On other things she is suddenly so clear. We were talking about a local sushi restaurant that's near our home. Looks like an ordinary house. We plan to go sometime.
"Is that the sushi restaurant on the lower road between here and the station?" Okaasan commented. Pretty clear on THAT then.

This is the strange thing about dementia and memory/mind/awareness. Some things absolutely ok. Some things inexplicably muddled.

Yujiro said that if we talk about something or she sees something on TV, it can spark a shopping trip. Last week we talked at dinner about the plum tree in our old house garden. A few days later Okaasan bought a jar for making plum wine and gave it to him.

I shall talk about chocolate from now on...constantly.

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