Friday, 5 March 2010

Operation Hair Cut: Mission Accomplished!

Okaasan GOT the haircut!
I can check that topic off my Worry List.
And replace it with something else.

She came home at nearly 8 pm again last night.
BUT. With a swish new hair style. Cut. Permed. Shaped. It looks so much better - she looks younger, and sane. No more mad woman of the mountain style. And she seems happy with it...I just hope that feeling lasts.

I was beginning to despair and think I'd have to take her to the salon. She had told Yujiro that she'd looked for it a few days ago, but couldn't find it. She'd asked someone on the street - but of course the salon is hidden away in a department store. So they didn't know.
But....yipppeeee...she found it. And got shorn.

And: even better. She came back from the hair salon with a box of chocolates for me!
I feel Great Success as an Oyomesan.

However, this feeling of success had better last so I survive another weekend a deux with Okaasan.
Yujiro is going ski teaching Saturday and Sunday, and then staying on at the ski school lodge Sunday night and going off to Kutchan, near Niseko Monday morning.
Two years ago - when Okaasan was still safely far away from us in Saitama - Yujiro had a big skiing accident and did a nasty compound fracture to his knee and leg. He had major surgery and now has two plates and 16 pins in his body.
He wants to go to Kutchan Hospital on Monday so the doctor can take a look and think about removing all the pins maybe in April. Which is all great.

But it also means: Saturday night, Sunday lunchtime, Sunday night with Okaasan. So I need to carry over some of this Mission Accomplished power feeling into the weekend.
Hmm...if I manage to get to my hairsalon sometime this weekend...we could sit at the kitchen table and compare hair-dos!

But I think I might spend my weekend trawling the Internet for news about Adam Lambert coming to Tokyo.
He was the runner-up in the last season of American Idol - and we are BIG fans. I just discovered yesterday afternoon that he is in Tokyo soon doing promotion for his album For Your Entertainment - and even better - there are free tickets for a promotion appearence on March 15th in Tokyo!!!!
I've entered the draw, Yujiro's entered the draw...our friend C.A. has entered the draw - and I am convinced one of us MUST get tickets!

I was debating about going to Tokyo to see the exhibition about Foreign Women Married to Japanese Men - cos I was photographed for it last year...and I wasn't sure about using precious airmiles just to do that.
But NOW!!! If I can scream at Adam - oh my! Oh yes!
Adam - I'm coming to seeeeee YOUUUUUUU!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the haircut!

    I would like to go to see the exhibition and I may be have some airmiles but.... no time I think. Sigh.


  2. Yay for okaasan getting a haircut. That's great that she eventually found it. :)

  3. Adam Lambert is coming to Tokyo? Oh my gosh! I really like him...I even have his cd.

    Thanks for the fun news. I probably wouldn't be able to go and see him, but it's interesting to hear that he'll be on the same island as me!!

    (I'm delurking...I've been reading for a few weeks now:-) )

  4. Hi Helen!
    welcome out into the bright chat about Adam made you "come out" then???
    I'm going to buy the CD next week - I asked a friend in the US to buy it for me, but she never although I've been listening to the music online etc soon I'll really HAVE it....if you are on Facebook - look for a group called "Adam Lambert Fans in Japan" - there are a bunch of us there swapping info...and there is also an "American Idol Fans in Japan!