Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Slept until morn.

Okaasan seems fine after her huge sleep and no dinner.
She had obvioulsy ferreted around the kitchen during the night and covered up some of the food plates etc.
But at 6 am when I was in the kitchen she poked her head round the door all smiley and happy.
"I was very tired, I walked a lot yesterday, I forgot to get the buttons for your coat, I was tired!.
I reassured her that the coat and buttons could wait. Anytime ok.

And she can eat last night's dinner for lunch today while we are out working.

So, all is ok. I think. She doesn't seem unduly stressed by the cancelled hula class.
She can spend the day in front of the TV, help herself to food in the kitchen and then we'll do a family dinner routine tonight.

* One wiered conversation from yesterday: Okaasan was rabbiting on about not having a small towel for her bathtime. I took her to the towel shelves in the utility area and gave her a small towel that had the logo of a hot spring resort on it.
"I can't use that, I'm not going there!" she exclaimed.
"No, no , it's ok...please use this towel" I said.
And she took it from me and did.

So odd.
In the moment of me handing her the towel and her reading the name of the resort. Did she think we were packing up to go there? So strange.

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  1. Well - one confusion is cleared up.

    When Okaasan said she "wasn't/couldn't" go to the resort name on the towel...it was MY misunderstanding!

    Yujiro says I was mixing up "ikenai" - which sometimes means "can't"...but it also means "don't/no"....so Okaasan was in fact politely protesting at me looking for a towel and giving her a towel etc.....not declining to go to the hot spring resort....