Monday, 19 April 2010

A BIG step for Okaasan-kind.....

She's really on a roll.
At 9 am Yujiro went downstairs to get himself some breakfast and came back with a big grin:
"She's having a bath! She started making the bath herself and getting ready for hula dance! It's the first time EVER she has started her Monday morning routine by herself!"

Really surprising to us. For over a year now we've had to remind her that it's hula dance day, and start the bath and get her into the routine for getting ready to go out.

And today? Somehow she knew it was hula day and started getting ready herself. And went out to hula.
Yesterday the hula friend called again, worried because they haven't seen her for 2 weeks now, and Yujiro gave the phone to Okaasan. Maybe that fixed it in her memory more?

But does seem she is on a good course at the moment. I wonder if, ironically, the staying home quietly for 3 weeks has been a good thing for her dementia? Quiet, ordered time close to home instead of the roaming, hours of random shopping and coming home tired.

** Mind you...mid-afternoon Yujiro gets a panicky telephone call from Okaasan: "I'm in a restaurant and I don't have enough money to pay!". He had to go and help her, take her to lunch's his fault really, because he needs to check how much money she has.....she isn't capable of doing that and planing ahead.

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