Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Denial under the kotatsu.

Okaasan is back into "My body isn't so good, I fell over, the best thing to do is stay home and not eat" mode again.
She didn't go to hula yesterday. But she set out at 6 pm to buy magazines. Came home at 8 pm.
She is eating - sometimes.
But she sits at the table looking tired and in pain.
She hobbles to the toilet using an umbrella.
She is obviously in pain in her hip or back.
But won't see a doctor.
Just looks defeated by it all.

Ridiculous. But that's her choice.
And Yujiro lets her do it. I guess there isn't much he can do. Can't pick her up and carry her out of the door!
But she is hobbling around. She is eating enough. It's some kind of life I suppose.
There are so many old people who waste doctors time by going to clinics as a kind of social club, it is sad that this woman could probably benefit from letting an expert examine her body. But she thinks she knows best.

* Better news! The kitten gate is a BIG success! Chichi is defeated! Yujiro has won.


  1. Do you have anything like a locum service? Could the doctor come out to Okaasan and take a look?'

    Glad to hear the kitten gate is working :)

  2. Hmmm...I don't know...Okaasan isn't even registered with a doctor here - because she (and Yujiro) don't think that is necessary....
    I feel frustrated with both of them actually - she has a determination to take-care-of-myself...and he has a lassaiz faire (??) attitude whereby if she is eating a a bit and says "Daijoubu" he lets her be....

    It's sad....if she went to a doctor and got advice, maybe she'd feel better soon, and then she could do things that she enjoys like hula dance and walk round department stores.
    Life in front of the Tv under the kotatsu is not good for anyone...