Friday, 16 April 2010

If it isn't one thing...

it's another..................

Okaasan fine. No problem.

Kittens at 3.30 am?

I'm at the end of any tether I may have once had.

Chichi is constantly getting up and miaowing loudly at 3.20...3.30...3.45 isn't even light yet. But in a month from now up here in Hokkaido it will be light at 3.45 am, so what time will he be up then? 2.30 ?
And he is now brilliant at clambering thru the bits of the babygate/plastic/net that don't have big magnets attached...and jumping down into the hallway.
SOMETHING has to be done.

* I think we should get the sliding, folding doors we saw in Homac care center...and somehow fix the bottom behind a bar on the steps. Yujiro thinks more magnets. Chichi thinks: Bring it On!

* And I think maybe the kittens should sleep in the computer room because that is a bit further away from me and Okaasan's sleeping ears. And I should get earplugs.

And how is Okaasan behaving/feeling? She's fine. I think!
Yesterday I left her the "We are busy, go out and have lunch" note on the kitchen table. And she went. I came back from work at 5 pm and prepared her evening meal. She trotted home like a Good Okaasan at 6.15 pm. Then I went out to (thankfully) meet a friend and use some discount onsen tickets in posh city hotel.
Okaasan wasn't at all bothered by me pointing out dinner on the table to help herself to...and cheerfully sent me on my way.
Looking after HER is easy!

Chichi and Popo are another matter.
I am going to come home at lunchtime today and play with them relentlessly.

Yujiro is coming home today - pretty amazing really - by himself by foot and train. And he'll bring the bag of pins that were in his knee to show me I'm sure.

And then we'll get back to the main event in our lives: Defeating Chichi.

* But GOOOOOD news: Yujiro's got a summer job to keep him in beer until the next ski season. He's going to be a Velo Taxi driver, one of those sunburned bicycle rickshaw guys who peddle tourists around downtown in summer. It's exactly his kind of job: outside, no boring suit, people, active.
Since I've known him he's done all sorts of interesting, strange jobs - and here comes the next one.
Let's hope for a sunny, warm summer.


  1. Why can't you let the cats outside? Will they run away or something? Maybe they're bored being cooped up inside.

  2. They haven't been neutered yet....the vet says at 5 months, which is after Golden Week...although I'm gonna ask him if he will do it before then....
    THEN they'll be set loose on the southern Sapporo suburbs....which will be a whole other ball of string!

  3. ear plugs!

    Good to hear okaasan had a good day - and that you got to go out for onsen at flash hotel!

    Cats sound just as bad as kids - waking up that much - or rather waking you up. Does it really get light that early in Hokkaido!! What a nightmare. Blackout curtains - got them for SHou and Marinas room as gets light about half four here in summer. They were well cheap - like less than 2000 yen each.

    Will be nice having Yujiro home again yeah. What a cool/interesting job he will have. Hope you get free rides!

  4. Ahhh ok...that's how it works. I've never had a cat so I don't understand the logistics of cat keeping. :)