Saturday, 24 April 2010


Haven't blogged cos every waking moment for us has been taken up with another round of Kitten Proofing the Stairwell.
Every conversation.
Every brain cell.
Every second.

If we thought Okaasan was a trial. One determined kitten (and his not so bright brother) have tested our skills. But no. We think we have done it.
Introducing: The Gate (Model III or IV).

We wait to see what Chichi comes up with next. Tanks and missiles probably.

Okaasan seemed ok. She went out for local walks and shopping. Seemed chatty and happy.
She went out at 6 pm yesterday and we called her back by phone at 7 pm for dinner.
She came home complaining of back/hip pain....ate dinner...and then complained a whole lot more.
But she settled down under the kotatsu with the TV - so we'll see...
She cleaned the bathroom again the other night - I wonder if she was bending down awkwardly for too long?

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  1. Wow...desperate times! I hope that you get some peace from that gate, it looks pretty sturdy.