Sunday, 18 April 2010

Okaasan cleaned!

Just thought I'd add this to the blog - because it is actually a momentous thing: Okaasan did some house cleaning.
Friday morning I thought about cleaning the tiles on the bathroom floor, and scrubbed a bit with the sponge that Okaasan bought...but gave up cos I didn't have enough time.
Saturday morning - hey! - it was clean!
I thanked Yujiro for doing it. He denied all knowledge....
So....unless Chichi has been earning his keep - that means - OKAASAN CLEANED IT!

She of course has forgotten.
I thanked her and she looked surprised: Did I?

I guess she was washing underwear and her eyes strayed down to the grimy floor and she  got to work with the super-scrubbing sponge.
She really is on a roll at the moment.

These spells of mental clarity make you think the dementia isn't so bad after all. And then...

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