Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Rehabilitation failed mission

Today I tried to give Okaasan some mental stimulation - but my efforts mostly failed.

She didn't want to go out to lunch. Didn't want to eat any lunch again.
So we went out shopping without her etc. Bought KFC and came home...Okaasan emerged from the living room and sat down to eat some with us. Nobody can resist KFC smells!

After lunch I decided to put my latest idea into action:

 If she doesn't want to go out maybe she'd like to do some sewing and get her groove back on. Apart from the quick supermarket visit on Monday night she hasn't been out of the house since last Friday. But instead of sitting looking at the Tv for hours some sewing might stimulate her a bit.
She isn't actually sick, but still feels embarrassed to go out.
Her left temple is an ugly dirty yellow color and her left eye seems a bit closed. But she seems ok.

So I looked in my/Yujiro's clothing for some torn clothing. Or hanging off buttons. None.
Then I found the bedroom curtains: half lined with blackout cloth against the summer sunrises, I did a rough job last year...and one curtain was still not lined.

I took the curtains to Okaasan and confessed that I really am a terrible sewer. Could she help me? Could she show me what to do? I thought this would be perfect - a way for her to shine and show what she can do.

We started together companionably...then I was there in the kitchen peeling potatos while she fussed away over it...and every time I tried to slip upstairs and leave her to it...she called me back to endlessly discuss how the material was wrong, the size was wrong, the kitchen scissors weren't suitable etc etc etc.
It was agonising.
Everytime she got to the bottom seam she'd say with surprise: Oh, this is already sewn! And I'd day: Yes, I sewed that seam last year, it's the top which isn't done yet.
And 2 or 3 minutes later she'd start it again.

It was too big and complex for her to do.
She still knows the theory of doing it.
But she was constantly pinning and unpinning and fussing about the size etc.

After about 90 minutes she took my get-out excuse and agreed: Maybe you should just do it as you did it last year, it isn't perfect, but it's ok. Sorry, the material is all wrong, it's not the right size....etc etc...

And I brought the now-unpicked curtain linings back upstairs. She returned thankfully to her TV. And I'll have to find a non-kitten time to do some sewing...which I hate, but can do.

Buttons are ok. Curtain seams not.
I feel frustrated that I didn't find her a good activity to do. Maybe it helped a little. Gave her 90 minutes away from the TV....I guess.

I wonder how long she'll stay home? She is actually eating a bit now. She ate a small dinner and chatted to Yujiro about things. But her eye looks ugly.

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