Friday, 9 April 2010

Why am I staying at home/not eating?

Okaasan washed clothes, hung them out to dry and went out for a walk and coffee at MacDonalds.
6 days after the fall on the step and then moping around under the kotatsu watching TV and eating small amounts.

Yujiro had asked her if she was going to have a bath.
"Today? Why? I had a bath before hula dancing the other day."
"No, you didn't go to hula."
"I didn't? Why didn't I go.....???"
"Because you fell down and bruised your face, if you don't remember that maybe it's ok to go out now because you are feeling better aren't you?

And out she went.

Great. I came home from work and realized immediataly.The laundry was hanging on the line, the little flowery slippers were in the entrance hall. The TV was switched off.
Okaasan came home about 7.20 pm and ate dinner with us. She seemed tired, but I guess she hasn't been active at all for 5 days - just walking from the kotatsu to the toilet and back.

We are so relieved.
Next week Yujiro goes to hospital for his operation and I'll be on Oyomesan Duty for 4 or 5 days...I want Okaasan to be active and enjoying life by then.
Yesterday I even went to Mitsukoshi to get some Event Leaflets for April (Italian Festa), because I planned to slip them among Okaasan's newspapers and hopefully prompt her to go to Mistukoshi etc - I've still slipped them in there this morning at 5 am, but the need is not so urgent now.

*  Oh gawd....I had a horrible memory lapse myself yesterday. Am I losing it too?
I had an awful First Class of Term at NHK...somehow the students never quite jelled, the atmopshere never quite took off - I felt like a novice teacher all over again.
I came away from that thinking about the class and trying to analze what went so wrong,  went to Mitsukoshi to get the Event Leaflets.
Then I got out my subway card, went thru the ticket gate, waited on the platform and got on the train - before remembering that I'd DRIVEN to NHK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had to jump out of the train quick as the doors were closing.

Yujiro may be cooking for two demented women very soon.


  1. Oh must be so tiring, even for you it seems like you're doing alot of mental gymnastics to come up with the right solution for okaasan. Think you need a holiday. :)

  2. hehe - aren't you glad you got off the train though :)

    Glad okaasan is getting back to some kind of normal routine (?) - Good luck for the days without Yujiro! You're doing a good service for the world of oyomesans you are. Perhaps even doing my share of good service! Thankyou.