Thursday, 6 May 2010


Okaasan is laying claim to my fruit bowl.
Maybe it looks like a bowl she has in the house in Saitama?
Or a bowl in her childhood home?
She is so convinced that it is hers that talking to her I begin to doubt my ownership myself!

Yesterday I gave her lunch and sat and ate with her, to give her some nice memory-land chat.
As we sat there I pointed out that I'd bought some apples and put them on the table - including a green apple because she always says green are better - but I couldn't find the fruit bowl.
I casually asked Okaasan if she was using it.

"Ahh, yes, it's quite valuable you know. It shouldn't be used in the kitchen. I've put it in the tokonoma (display area in a Japanese room), it's my bowl and it's quite special".

"'s my bowl, and it's not special at all.  I've had it for years, it was a guest present at a friend's wedding 10 years ago I think...I've used it as a fruit bowl for years....maybe you had a bowl that looked like that?"

And so we went. Back and forth on that subject.
She went and got the bowl and brought it back to the kitchen.
But she isn't convinced.
And Yujiro says she's mentioned this quite a few I expect the bowl to migrate to her room again....soon....

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