Sunday, 30 May 2010

Method in the madness...or just memory blank?

Okaasan didn't want dinner again last night.
I was cooking it of course.
20 minutes before - she wanted it.
20 minutes later - she didn't want it.
This stuff drives me nuts!

I'd bought beef so that Yujiro and I could have a rare fry up of beef/Korean kimchee cabbage and lettuce/veggies - our endless diet of tofu/fish/salad/rice/miso soup may be great for my diet - but it's pretty boring.
But Okaasan doesn't like meat so much - so I bought raw squid for her.

Came home and Yujiro agreed that Okaasan probably wouldn't go for the beef. He suggested talking to her about it. Giving her the choice.

Down in the kitchen at 6.30 pm Okaasan had just come home - so I showed her the bowl of bloody beef and then the nice raw squid.

We discussed it and she agreed that she didn't eat so much meat. That fish was healthier. That it was No Trouble for me to prepare two different dinners. Everyone should eat what they like etc.

She went and sat down with her Tv. I prepped 2 dinners.
Thinly sliced the squid, prepped the soup, rice, salad...the beef, the letttuce, the kimchee.

20 minutes later called everyone to order...
"I have a stomach ache, I don't want to eat....."
I took the beautifully sliced squid in to show her, hoping the sight of it would remind her of the dinner plans. She didn't want it. Just rolled over on the carpet and looked at the Tv again...apologised.

We ate our SO delicious dinner. The beef. And the raw squid, and everything else.
Properly stuffed.
Fantastic dinner. Been a long time since we really enjoyed a home dinner like this.

But I really wondered.
Was this a convenient stomach ache?
Did Okaasan only remember the bowl of unappetizing meat? Not the squid?
Was it her way of copping out of dinner?

Later in the evening we noticed that she'd been in the kitchen and eaten some of the rice...and this morning when I checked to see if she was fine for lunch she claimed that maybe she'd eaten a late lunch at the Korean restaurant near the station...which could be a reason why she wasn't hungry...
But I do wonder.
At 6.30 pm she was looking at raw squid and expressing a desire to eat it.
At 6.50 pm she had a stomach ache and didn't want it.
Is there method in the madness - is the stomach ache an avoidance tactic? Or was she hungry one moment, and 20 minutes later not?

All very strange.

In lighter news: the kittens have made their roof debut. Got them into collars and Popo actually bravely jumped down onto the shed roof.
Later I let them both out the front door too. They sniffed around and was So nerve-wracking for me to watch over them. And Popo has somehow got little cuts on his feet - which made him a bit after 10 minutes I managed to catch them and bring them inside safely...

England : not much news yet. I'll call again tonite. I spoke briefly to Lucy, the carer.
The robbery happened at LUNCHTIME on Monday. She stepped outside to enjoy the sunshine while cooking lunch, and the man came round the side of the building and forced her back into the house, tied her up and took the money, rings, phones and car keys!!!
But Jane came back from hospital yesterday. So I hope to call later tonight.


  1. Hope that Jane is ok.

    It does seem strange about Okaasan's appetite. Hmm.

    Hey, last night there was a news piece on tv about a group of people who stand still in public places and then people who walk past don't know what's going on. They also randomly sing in restaurants and put on performances in the street, it's a big group of people that do it. I think it is something similar to what you have done before, I think I read about it in a previous post of yours. Anyway, they were showing them doing such stuff all around the world, although I didn't see any footage of Japan, it was very interesting to see people's reactions when they walked past! For the life of me I can't remember their name.

  2. It's called "Freeze"!!!
    Yes, we did a small Freeze here in Sapporo last summer...only got about 18 people....but it was a lot of fun and freaked out the people who saw it!

    have a look on YouTube for Freeze - Central Station....awesome! and Trafalgar SQuare...and in Melbourne!

  3. Oh yes, that's right! Thanks :)