Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Okaasan goes for a health check.

She did!
This morning Yujiro and Okaasan went to the local hospital with their health cards and got the free medical check-up.
She was happy to go, after a bath and some luandry washing...they finally got out of the house after 10 am.
I'm glad it worked an Okaasan will at least now have some medical file in the local health system for future events when they happen.

Meanwhile I went across the road for my weekly injection of hyalurionic acid in my knee. It felt so-so after my Monday and Tuesday classes, but okayish this morning. I almost didn't have the electric pulse treatment...and but did just to be safe...and then settled down on the clinic bed for my injection.
Looked at the beige wallpaper as usual as the nurse prepped the needle.
Looked at the wallpaper and made little squeaky sounds as the needle went in.
What the fuck did he hit?
It felt like the needle had plunged into the bone marrow.
The doctor apologised and then shot away to his next patient in the next room. (Japanese clinics have a strange conveyor belt system where the doctor pops back and forth into patient cubicles).
The nurse showed me out into the waiting room

I sat there and balled like a baby.
It hurt so much. It was such a shock.
Nurses rushed over with tissues. The doctor came back guiltily. More apologies: "My injection wasn't so skilled this week, your muscles tightened around the needle, sorry".
After 15 minutes of sitting wettly, I was able to stand and gingerlly walk to the reception to pay for the Shock Agony.
I have 3 more of these injections to go....

I got down to the street. Met Yujiro and Okaasan and went to the local good soup curry restaurant for a huge lamb and vegetable soup curry.
Came home and sat down, went to bed mid-afternoon. Weeded (sitting down) for 1 hour.

And that was Wednesday.

In all the agony - I AM a truly selfish person - I didn't write anything about Okaasan and the medical check-up. 
Well, really nothing to report. No big news. She is of course physically healthy. They had blood tests and the results will be ready on Friday. But I'm not expecting any big news. Yujiro said this check-up was just a battery of regular blood/urine/heart rate tests. In the few minutes each nurse would be with Okaasan she is just another old lady who chats about the same things a lot. Okaasan is pretty good on short conversations with strangers, and sometimes can do pretty normal longer conversations too - she isn't Lady Gaga yet.  (although I think the costumes would suit her...).


  1. Ooh, so sorry to hear about your knee.

    I hope the next 3 times aren't as bad as that! At least he should have given you a lollipop or something!

    That's great news about Okaasan going to the health check. Did they pick up on her dementia?

  2. I'm saying a rude word about the doctor on your behalf. Blooming heck! And then he sneaks off? Gah.

    I hope your knee is feeling better soon.

  3. obscenities to useless doctor from Oita too. That's not acceptable surely!! The sneaking off and not waiting to see how you are and properly apologize so typically Japan and possibly worse than actual pain. Hope it's feeling better.