Saturday, 29 May 2010


My step-mum in England had a robbery at the house.
Everyone ok - only money and a ring taken.
But shocking for all.

AND...unconnected with this she is in hospital for some colon polyp investigation. She didn't tell me about that when we spoke last week. It may be bad news...

I got the e mail with all of this last night. Or at least found it when I just did a last check on the computer before bed.
My step-aunt wrote to say it's been a bad week.

On Monday a masked robber came to my step-mum's house. Tied up Lucy the carer and demanded money. LUCKILY did nothing with Jane.
They gave him small amounts of cash and Lucy's wedding ring and he escaped in the car - later found abandoned.
He pulled out the phone lines and took the mobile. So Lucy ran half a kilometer to the next house to call the police.

All very shocking. But thankfully he didn't harm them. Maybe a drug addict needing quick money and sellable ring? The house is full of antiques...but only of use to experts who know what they are looking at.
The house is way out in the countryside, down a track. And I am wondering about the door. Did he come and Lucy opened the door to him? In the past 6 months so many strangers have come to the house - deliveries/care working staff/ambulances....the word just gets out eventually that there is a sick old lady and a Carer living there.

I don't much much more at the moment. Jane is in hospital for the polyps investigation....Step-aunt said she may be home again this weekend.

And I sit in Japan and have that ex-pat guilt feelings about living a life thousands of miles away. can't do anything apart from telephone sympathy.
I'll call Jane this weekend.

* and I've just realized. This week a year ago my step-mum had her mystery car accident. A year ago her and Dad's life started unravelling....

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