Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Still here

Still around. Haven't killed them all with an ax. Yet.
I went to Tokyo Saturday and Sunday. Then had busy Monday and Tuesday at work.
Now Wednesday morning and trying to pick up regular life again.

Okaasan fine.
Dutiful son took her to eat sushi for Mother's day.
Fruitbowl still on the kitchen table.
Okaasan went to hula dance on Monday. With the event money. I left her rice and seaweed stuff on the kitchen table as a light-meal before her class.

Had a WONDERFUL time in Tokyo with old friends. Remembered my youth when I came to Tokyo and did all the "wow! Japan!" experiences. Stayed in Asakusa and walled gently through the Senjo-ji complex in the Sunday morning sunshine...had a 3-tier afternoon tea at a posh hotel terrace overlooking Tokyo Bay. Sunshine, flowers, green.

Came home to 5 degrees and windy.
A Couple Thingy with Yujiro which I won't even deign with blogging because it was so stupid. Men are ridiculous.
The kittens wrecked destruction on the the apartment because they weren't happy at being left alone too long.
Maybe if Yujiro could rip up paper and scatter toilet sand round the room too it would be better for him.

And my knee. It is all swollen and painful again.
I walked too far obviously.
Despite all the taxies I took in Tokyo and the care.
It was too much.
However much you try to take elevators, the Tokyo subway system is vast.
A year after the original injury I am so, so disappointed.

Back to the doctor? Back to a different doctor? Will my private insurance cover an MRI? Shall I just throw about \1 million at the Japanese health system and join up?

oh. And it's raining on the cherry blossom.


  1. Oh no! I do hope that your knee will be better very soon and that you'll be feeling happier in all aspects of your life. I could do without the rain, too!

  2. Damn about your knee. I agree with the Tokyo subway thing. And it's even worse with suitcases!! All those stairs up and down!

    Good you had a good time away though. :)

  3. So sorry to hear about the continuing trials! Hang in there! There silver lining is about to appear :-)