Monday, 24 May 2010

Velo Taxi driver....

At your service!
Yujiro and his Velo Taxi on the streets of Sapporo.
The photo was taken by a customer, who has just sent the picture.
Y300 for 500 yards.....any blog readers here in Sapporo, if you see this guy PLEASE give him business!
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  1. What a cute car!! I so want one of them!! It's a bike right?

  2.'s a bike with a fibreglass ? frame and seat etc....actually comfortable. They are very popular in Germany...only 5 of them in Sapporo.

  3. That's so cool. never seen one in Japan before and if I happen to be in Sapporo anytime when not so cold having a drive in them would freeze your nipples off, I will look for Yuji's one.

  4. Please! (he needs the work...)

    and don't worry about your nipples...each velo Taxi has a nice blanket, so you can wrap up your nipples..