Saturday, 5 June 2010

Catch up stuff...

A week of cold, grey, wet weather  - yet another man who thinks he'd like to have a go at being Japan's Prime Minster - terrible massacre in Britain - work - Japanese soccer players giving goals to any team that wanted them-  kittens - Okaasan - Yujiro's job rained off -....

Okaasan's health check came back : basically a healthy old lady. Slightly high bad colesterol, but many elderly people have that. It's all the Macdonalds chicken McNuggets she eats at 6.30 pm almost every day...

*  Had 4th knee injection on Wednesday. Was blabbing with nerves when I walked into the room, the thing itself was so-so...came home and lay on the carpet weeping into a kitten for a while.
Finally 48 hours later the knee joint felt better. But I felt down about the whole thing again. Wondered whether I should drop one of my big community center classes and stay home with the knee up on Mondays or Tuesdays...would it help it get better quickly?

Kittens are really becoming little cats. Rain stopped play outside this week, but I improvised inside with chairs under the carpet, bits of stick and bits of plastic which made great crackling sounds. They are getting used to the collars now. 6 months old this week!

Okaasan was ok - she watched TV, washed clothes in the middle of the night and went out for walks but mainly came home on time. Yujiro was home a lot and cooked. Okaasan ate what was presented. No big random shopping. She even put all her precious magazines in a neat pile!

And this weekend - today? I am escaping. Got 2 classes this morning and then getting away with a friend to the countryside out in central Hokkaido to enjoy spring scenary and good food at a little guest house. I can't walk into the scenary...but I'll wrap a blanket round my knees and take a book.

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