Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Family service sushi

All seems well with Okaasan - the stressy situation seems to have receded.

Today we were home trying to finish off the big translation job we've been doing - that's him and me NOT Okaasan! - so it was a quiet day of kittens/garden/translation/soccer highlights on TV.
One of the kittens has lost his collar somewhere in the big outside and we've been trying to find it using the Loc8tor device..wandering the streets with this little black plastic thing in our hands...beeping it hopefully in every direction.
No luck. We have the cat. But we don't have the collar. Maybe a crow found it and flew away.

Lunchtime we took Okaasan to the local kaiten sushi place and feasted on fish...I really really LOVE sushi. If I ever have to live outside Japan I will miss it so much. OKaasan was happy to be out with us and chatted away about all the sushi plates.


...impending Oyomesan duty.

Okaasan's Social Secretary, Ohta-san the ever-helpful hula dance classmate, called to tell us that  there is a hula performance day in the park on Sunday. Okaasan hadn't mentioned anything about this. Thankgoodness Ohta-san knows to call us.
Sunday is Yujiro's busy day for taxi he came and asked me to: get Okaasan organised on Sunday and get her out of the house and down to the park to hook up with her classmates etc.

It's ok actually. Of course I'd like to do my own stuff, but it WILL be a bonding chance with Okaasan. she and I do so little together. I can do this. If the weather is good there are worse things to do than sit in the park and watch hula dancing.

News from England: my step-mum may go home from hosoital today..but her operation has been put off again.

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