Friday, 11 June 2010

Hawaii plans??? Oh no!!!!!

Okaasan wants to go to Hawaii on a Hula Dance Tour......

Yujiro just got a call from Ohta-san, the ever-so-helpful hula classmate.
There's tour to Hawaii for hula dance watching/performing and it's open to groups/classes all over Hokkaido, maybe Japan.
Okaasan apparently told her teacher: YES! I'D LIKE TO GO!

Only problem is: nobody else in Okaasan's class is going. So, who would keep and eye on her, who would make sure she understood/remembered all the different elements of getting together and staying with a group as it goes through airports and checks into hotels and rooms and performance centers and sightseeing spots and restaurants and shops...and ...and....YIKES!

Ohta-san knows this. And thankfully she telephoned to tell us.

Somehow Yujiro has to find a way of disuading Okaasan from this idea. Gently.

It's hard. Part of me thinks that actually she might be ok. After all she knows the whole concept of Going on a Japanese Escorted Tour very well, in the past she has made many tours like this alone and with friends to South Africa, New York, Europe, Canada etc. . Japanese tours are very organised and protected.

But on the other hand - that was about 6 or 7 years ago - now with early/mid stage dementia I wonder how she would get on?

All new places? Time schedules. People giving information about future plans. Choices about food and optional tours. Being in places at set times. "Let's meet back here at XX".
Just getting to her hotel room, using a keycard and getting to the hotel restaurant would be a challenge.

If I think about the practical hour-to-hour routine of a tour I can imagine Okaasan getting into endless confusions about it all. She'd be a real headache for the the tour guide and members. Somebody would have to constantly check she was ok. (We could of course fit Okaasan with the Locator chips that we use for the kitten collars....)

Sad. I know she can't go. No way are either of us going to go on a Hawaiian Hula Dance Tour with Yujiro has to find a way to nip this idea in the bud.

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