Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hula...yes or no?

Well, the hula may be on...or off.
Okaasan said she isn't sure she wants to be in a hot park in the center of the city dancing (fair enough at the age of 80), and as the class members and Yujiro were worried about that too everyone is happy.
But he thinks we should just not talk about the hula at all now - whereas I think on Sunday at least Okaasan might like to go and sit and watch the festival - she desn't get much of a social life and I'm sure she would love to at least watch the hula performaces from a shady seat.

But of course - THAT would mean me giving up my time to get her there and make sure she is ok.
I kind of wonder if she'd be able to find it herself though - if I remind her about it on Sunday morning and chivvy her out of the house around 12.30 pm.... nice an Oyomesan am I?
Shall I bugger off and do my own things or shall I stay home and give my energy/time to her?

Will probably depend how friendly I am feeling towards her!

Yesterday I had two friends come to the house late afternoon - actually homestay CouchSurfers who are sleeping in the English classroom - and after taking them into the kitchen to introduce them politely to Okaasan we sat out on the front doorstep with beers.
Okaasan who had been preparing to go out never actually appeared at the front door. After 30 minutes I checked inside to see what was happening...and found she'd grabbed her shoes from the entrance and gone out through the big living room windows!!!! So strange! How hard is it to come to the door and say:"I'm off shopping now" and then head out. It's like a child sneaking out the back way to avoid the adults. Very odd behavior.

And then she forgot her mobile we couldn't call her and remind her to come home for dinner. So I cooked...and surprise surprise...she didn't come home till 8 pm. We ate at 7.15 pm. At 8 pm I got up from the sofa and the Tv and went back downstairs and got Okaasan's dinner cooked/heated and served. She apologised for being late. I left her to eat in the kitchen...

So, Sunday will really depend on how well she behaves today!

* Tokyo International University English Project team have sent me a wonderful parcel of Kawagoe booklets about life in Kawagoe, festivals and old shops and people. I think I can trickle this stuff out to Okaasan over the coming weeks, months, years everytime I can't think what to talk to her about.

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