Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Robbery...the details.

Spoke to Jane Sunday night to hear the details of the robbery.
Amazing. Wonderful that neither of them were injured.
But very scary.

Monday lunchtime Lucy stepped outside the front door while waiting for lunch to cook.
As she stood enjoying the sunshine, a man suddenly appeared round the side of the house from the parking area - he has his face covered and looked cold/sick.
He walked up to her and forced her back into the house. Tied her hands behind her back and demanded money! He didn't appear to have any weapon, but he was a man and they are two women.
He didn't do anything to Jane, I guess he thought she was too old and feeble.
Then he stayed in the house FORTY MINUTES!!! He made Lucy walk from room to room and hunted in the drawers etc for money...
They have him some money and he found Lucy's late mother's wedding ring....he ripped out the house phone cables, took the mobiles and took the car keys.
He drove away....and came BACK a few minutes later to get his sweater which was in the field nearby.
Then drove away.
The car was found a 1 km away on the main road. So maybe he had a friend in a car, or a bike nearby?
Lucy managed to get out of her ties and ran to the main road to get help.

There were no other reports of anything like this in the area. The police think he may have been a  druggy taking a big chance by approaching a house...maybe he was originally looking in the car for money and heard Lucy come outside.
It really is amazing. This is in the middle of the English countryside, miles from anywhere...

Both Jane and Lucy are ok, but understandably a bit nervous. Although Lucy comes from Zimbabwe and had been tied up twice and hit over the head once..."but I didn't expect this in England!"....not at all part of her Carer's job description.

*  And Jane's health: she has to go into hospital later this month and have a polyp removal operation...supposedly a routine thing. But she is in her 80s and frail and very open to getting all sorts of killer viruses that lurk in dirty British hospitals. So we'll see.

*  And Yujiro has taken his relationship with Okaasan to a New Level: he got her to give a urine sample yesterday and took it along to the hospital! So they can test it and give her a health report. Bet he never thought he would be discussing such things with his mum....

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  1. Wow! Sorry to hear about that. How scary. Hope they are all OK.
    Like your new look.