Monday, 28 June 2010

Sainthood only a step away...

I gave my Sunday to Okaasan.
Step aside Mother Theresa.
I am The One.
Pity I'm not Catholic. Does going to a Catholic school count?

Cooked lunch for Okaasan. Chatted to Okaasan. Got her interested in Hula Dance Festival. At 2.30 pm loaded her up in the car and took her downtown. Walked her to the festival. Found her dance class members (BIG excitement to meet the Gaijin Oyomesan). Walked her round the food and trinket stalls. sat and watched Hula with Okaasan.

Then went off shoe shopping and to get an eye test myself. Left Okaasan happily watching the hula under the trees. Called her later to check she was ok with her class members eating icecream etc. Relieved to hear she would make her own way home.
Came home myself. Cooked dinner for Mother and Son.
Chatted to all.

I did it. Feel good I did it. A bit of rare Okaasan/Oyomesan Bonding Time.
I know there are going to be horrendous times ahead with Okaasan and I should try to make some kind of Good Memory connected with her. So. I did good. 

And then went to bed early to get UP early for the England vs. Germany FIASCO!!!! THAT WAS A GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing right now to FIFA and if I can keep it up I will write every single day until they review this ridiculous "No 21st century technology in the Pure Game" rule.

And today it's 31 degrees in Sapporo. I can't sit near a computer any more. Going back outside to melt.


  1. I agree - they so need a video ref for soccer. It was so bloody obvious - although I did only see the TV re-runs and not from where ref was standing. Also read article about the goalie - saying he knew it was over but kept the ball in play anyway. Craziness. Heads will roll for that for sure.

    Nice to hear you had such a good day with okaasan. Hopefully she remembers it!!

  2. The touble is I don't think ANY heads will roll for that one....the England win in 1966 was on an "iffy" goal and many people think this was just kharma...

  3. After all the crap (lit. and fig) of the past few days/weeks, I think you need to start wearing the white tea-towel with blue edging on your head.Might stop this infernal heat from melting your brains...
    I completely missed the game and replay, but even the guys in my work said it was a goal. Still Germany did score 4 goals so would the extra one to England have made the difference in the end? 4-2 instead of 4-1? I'm retreated now to the safety of the lab so you can't throw things ;)

  4. You can clearly see how the heat has melted my brains- I can't spell right anymore...or have I been here too long

  5. Hi Heather...excuse me while I go all soccer-nerdy on you....YES! it did make a difference, because after the ignored goal England had to go on the offensive and in that mode they opened up to more mistakes...and that means the other side have more goal chances.
    It's like if you are doing experiments for a research paper, and suddenly someone says the results of one set of experiments doesn't count at all - and you have to do MORE experiements to prove the same point...the more experiements are done under pressure and maybe not so good!

    But - I always thought Germany would win, because the England team this time were old and heavy. But 2-2 is a much stronger position to be in than 3-1 and then 4-1.

    anyway.......sad sad sad....

  6. True, a good point. I guess the disallowed goal would have made a loss easier to cope with... I feel your pain even if I don't really understand it. Like I said I didn't see the game so I don't know how they were playing.