Sunday, 13 June 2010

Two Sittings of Dinner.

Out at 6 pm - and back at 9 pm. And then wants dinner.
Sometimes (ok, often) I feel like murdering this old lady.
I know. I know. It's the dementia playing havoc with her sense of time and decision-making.
But the results play havoc with my patience.

Being already over-tired from dawn FIFA World Cup soccer games on TV doesn't help.

Yesterday Yujiro worked. I worked. Okaasan stayed home and watched TV...ate bits of stuff in the kitchen. Maybe went out for lunch too.
On my way home I shopped. Came home at 5 pm. Relaxed with a beer, the newspaper and kittens.

At 6 pm Okaasan suddenly appeared in the garden and was heading out.
I told her the time and reminded her about "dinner at 7 pm, in 1 hour".

Yujiro came home. I cooked dinner. We ate dinner.
At 8 pm Yujiro called Okaasan. She was somewhere near Sapporo Station. Who knows why.

She got home at 9 pm.
Oh - yes. Dinner please. Heated up the soup, rice. Cooked the fish. Uncovered the salad and tofu plate etc. Served her.
We left her in the kitchen eating and went to bed. We had a 4 am plan to get up for two soccer games...

I know she doesn't do it on purpose, she is just sitting there staring at the Tv/magazines/bits of paper all day and her mind gets active late afternoon....and then once she is out she loses the sense of time and the knowledge that we are wating with dinner. Sometimes she DOES manage to remember and come home after only an hour. But times like last I know all that.

But doing Two Sittings of Dinner at the Hotel Okaasan isn't pleasing the help.
Here endeth the whinge.

PS oh and another....British goalkeeper Green is a tosser.

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