Friday, 9 July 2010

Chatty happy

At this rate of improvement we'll have to send Okaasan back to Saitama to live in the family house and care for the sick older brother!

Last night as I was cooking Okaasan came into the kitchen to jokily tell me that I keep using the masculine word for "dinner" - "ban-meishi", which of course Yujiro always uses with her. As a gentle, polite lady I should be saying "ban-gohan"....she and I had a good laugh about that one and THEN she sat down at the kitchen table while I was cooking and chatted on to me for about 15 minutes....not drinking milk/wartime food/Japanese is hard/wartime food/didn't drink milk/etc etc.

It was surprising: when we cook dinner she is either a) still out eating MacNuggets or b) sitting in her room in front of the Tv seemingly oblivious to what we are doing 3 meters away in the kitchen.
When dinner is ready we call her - several times - and she gets up to wash her hands/visit the toilet and come to the table.

So. For her to come into the kitchen and initiate a conversation with me. And then stay and chat was very unusual.

Older brother is maybe having his eye operation this week and moving into the Saitama house a year early on forced early-retirement. I reckon he needs a mother's TLC.
She can go back there and look after him and Yujiro and I can get back to OUR lives of cheese fondue, meat dinners and dinner when we feel like it...

NOT gonna happen. Dream on.


  1. Would be nice though! Maybe even if its for a week? Maybe during the time when you go see A.L??
    Lets hope this good spell continues

  2. Actually I think this trip to Tokyo will be interesting to see what Yujuro/Okaasan think he/she will do....
    I can find a Cat Sitter for one night...or put them in a cat hotel, but I am not sure how well she would be left alone...

    I wish we were free birds again and could go to Tokyo for a long weekend.....but I think it will be a lone nighter..

  3. everyone needs dreams though - and that's a good one. Glad she's doing better.