Thursday, 22 July 2010

Home day

We stayed home and did Things That Need Doing.
Okaasan stayed home and watched TV/looked at magazines/looked in her purse/looked at receipts.
I sometimes wonder how much of the TV watching Okaasan is understanding - if she can't remember a few minutes before - how much sense can a TV drama or comedy show really mean?

Anyway. We emptied two buckets of kitchen waste compost into the new garden area. And cleaned bedroom/living room, cats play hallway. Even dragged all the bedding and carpets outside to air! THAT will only happen once a year. I also rescued a plant in the toilet because I think Okaasan has been watering it almost everytime she sees it and it is drowning. Took it upstairs where I can now forget to water it!

Yujiro fed Okaasan tofu lunch in the kitchen and a few hours later he and I took our homemade hamburger lunch outside to munch in the garden. Pure bliss...hamburger and a beer in the garden.
Afternoon movie on DVD....quiet day....
I even had energy to go in and remove trash from Okaasan's room when she went out for a walk: SIX plastic bags with assorted trash in them....she only throws away about 10% of her trash, the rest is put in a plastic bag and forgotten.

* Not great news from England. I spoke to Jane's carer for ages last night. Jane is now in the same hospital and same room as she was last summer....but her eating and drinking is intermitent, and she can't get out of bed and walk unaided May and early June she was walking with sticks in the garden! Then she got an infection, then the operation...and now 5 weeks later she is almost immobile in hospital.
I have gloomy feelings about all of this.
Next week is my Dad's birthday, he and Jane always loved to go out for a slap-up hotel lunch to celebrate. This year he is dead and she is sipping water in a hospital bed. And next month will be one year since he died. I have deju vu feelings about it all.
No point in jumping on an airplane and there? Or is there?
The carer is doing the daily hospital visits now. Jane's family are busy for 2 weeks with their own lives, people from the village and friends are intermitent visitors...and last year Dad was going in every single day to this hospital...
My holiday in Hawaii with a friend in October is just within reach..but I think it is fading.
Should I go to England....

I hate ex-pat guilt.

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