Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Lost in gardening

Sorry - I popped out to do some gardening and 2 days later came home again!

Two days off from work and I tackled the forgotten corner of the garden - right in front of Okaasan's windows cement blocks made a compost heap and various weeds were partying on down excessively.

A compost heap is a great thing. But not right between the living room window and the road where everyone is walking by.

So I attacked it with all my might. The kind of job I wanted to do last year, but couldn't with knee and England dramas.

I weeded. Two bags of weeds! I dug. I cleaned. Made a path. I went to Homac twice. Eyed the rambling rose that was rambling around unloved under the neigbor's kerosene tank. Bought a trelllis. Spent 2 hours trying to understand the instructions. Voila! A newly adopted rose rambling up a trellis!

Hopefully this will grow and grow. And I will think what to do with another square meter of garden space.
Is the trellis crooked? Maybe the neighbor's tank is crooked? Maybe the whole street is crooked?

And yes...those tall plants left and right are.....YURINE! From last year. Okaasan has noticed them and correctly identified them. I'm hoping that doesn't translate into a trip to the supermarket.

So. This holiday weekend, while one friend scaled Mount Fuji and another sang sacred music in a sacred forest in Italy...I stayed in the garden and achieved this!
Oh! And got Okaasan fed and packed off to hula dance successfully. And did a bunch of housework.
Okaasan is doing well. She is starting to cover the sofa with underwear, she is talking to cats, she is doing laundry, she is coming home for dinner.
All is well.

* And in England my step-mum got moved to the hospital nearest her home.


  1. Wow, big acheivement after all the knee issues- how is the knee after your epic gardening?
    The garden looks lovely

  2. Love the Asagao! They are one of two of my favourite flowers (the other is Suzuran) :)